Our Offer

From food trucks to catering on a large scale: Dishtracker reduces wait times, optimizes your processes, assists your employees after just a short training period, and guarantees the highest standards of security and accuracy.




Best suited for:

Little space: market stalls, concession stands, or food trucks

Self-service: cafeterias and honesty boxes

Large quantities: catering industry

Camera identifies and counts all served dishes and beverages

Reports, analyses, and inventory control

System is trained to identify items on your menu

Linked to your cash register system, making invoicing easier

Daily training to identify new dishes

Comparison of cash register system and served dishes

Additional quality controls and analyses of the serving processes

On-site assistance and maintenance until the system reaches the guaranteed 98%-accuracy

Dishtracker is a product of MoonVision, an award-winning company based in Vienna, Austria. In our international team, data scientists and developers work together to use new technologies with responsibility.

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